Fuji Yusoki converts the customer demands into a reality by our exclusive innovation.

Assist throughout entire process

Guarantee our system efficiency

Ensure our system efficiency



Once you decided to choose the Fuji Robotics to be a part of your production line, you are not only getting a robot but a full service from our expert team with decades of experience in industrial automation who will support you along the way.


Fuji Yusoki staffs will work together with you to analyze the issue of your bottleneck in production, labor, as well as the layout.  With this information, we will provide you a high efficiency but easy to use system of a robotic palletizer.


The relationship with our end-users will not stop there.  We will be with you every step of the way to ensure that the installation goes well and your production is running smoothly with cost saving and no worries. 


This model is the most energy saving of all. It requires only 3.5 KVA, making it an economic solution while still packed with potential. EC-102 is recommended for medium-sized production lines.


This robot is the most popular of all FUJI-ACE products due to its most versatile scope of operations, yet designed with the narrowest turning radius. It also saves energy, requiring only 4 KVA. This model can function in a limited space, and can arrange pallets at great heights, making it suitable for palletizing tasks. 


This model is recognized as one of the most prominent of all FUJI-ACE products. It is the most efficient in palletizing and is equipped with the highest level of technology. EC-201 is recommended for tasks such as packaging goods into sacks or beverage cartons